Saturday, May 30, 2009


Back in the late 40s, a lot of Eastern Europeans fled to places like Canada to escape the situations in their homes due to the ongoing war and discrimination. These people were referred to as "DP"s within intolerant communities. DP was an abbreviation for a lot of horrible things, but the universally accepted phrase was "displaced person". This is where we begin the discussion of Igor's life today.

Igor is living in a life of displacement. From the British run motherland (until about 10 years ago), to the warm passive climate of the west coast, to the Asian parts of the GTA, finally ending off in UW. He often speaks of better times in each of his previous homes, sadly as if the best has past.

Moving into specifics, Igor really does not really have a place of refuge as of now. A place to reflect, rejuvenate, and of course in UW - study. His home is littered with people that detest his existence, they do their best to deter him from staying in the house. On the other hand, he is simply banned from the libraries on campus because David, his archnemesis, essentially lives in the library for 24 hours a day and has instilled his deep-seated hatred for Igor in all of the library bound colleagues. Igor is also unable to study alone, because its not really studying or working unless somebody sees him do it and sees him succeed.

So, where does that leave Igor? Emma's house! He takes his German built grey chariot towards the castle of his queen. Unfortunately for poor innocent Igor, the princesses in the castle aren't exactly thrilled with his presence. They have little sympathy for the misguided, slurred speaking, and metrosexually styled being with little to no use in matters of academia. Despite these complications, the relentless Igor seeks refuge in the kingdom of Emma. But now, it seems as though the silent have spoken and nobody knows where to send him. What can be done?

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