Monday, May 25, 2009


This blog is dedicated to giving the world a window into living with Igor. Igor is a clinically disturbed individual who has devoted his life to pleasing people that want nothing to do with him. He is an ugly looking individual who also happens to be dead on the inside. However, his MO for living is to put on a face so that everyone respects and adores him.

I chose to live with this individual during the school term - hoping to find some redeeming qualities in him (in actuality, we needed one more person for the house lease). I still believed everyone had SOME good traits. I was proven wrong immediately. Believe it or not, every waking moment causes me to incessantly hate him further.

I never thought somebody who knew so many facts could be so boring.
I never thought somebody who placed so much emphasis on looks could be so hideous.
I never thought somebody who read so much into technology could be so misguided and ignorant of basic understand.
And finally, I never thought anybody could put a continuous effort into getting a girl for 3 years and not give up. But more on this one later, it definitely requires an individual blog post.

In closing, if you ever meet somebody with these qualities, quarantine them from your social circle, don't try to find the inner beauty - for they are already dead.

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