Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perception And Football

Igor is leading a team of semi-decent students in intramural soccer. He probably won't mention that the team is in a beginner league against a bunch of paraplegics and obese girls. Nevertheless, he runs the team because people don't really want to do so.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, its actually beneficial to the people on the team. However, we haven't discussed perception yet.

This is what really happened:

They won two games, one was marginal and with external help, lots of talent up front, amazing goaltender, didn't really require a coach. Also, Igor runs like a 5 year old school girl and yells more than he moves.

This is what Emma hears (from the voice of Igor):

"Emma, OMG, I was so amazing. I rallied the troops, gave them an amazing strategy I concocted while doing my hair for 30 minutes each morning that worked. They were nothing without me, I brought leadership, skill, respect, and perseverance to that locker room. I showed them their inner potential and made their dreams into reality. Also, I'm an all-star defender and prevented the game from getting out of hand. I used my amazing slide tackles to stop Jesus from unleashing his sonic boom against the innocent bystanders while using my 1337 hax0r skillz to save a bunch of little girls from a speeding freight train. By the way, what do you think of my v-neck sweater?"

Perception is an important topic covered in MSCI211 and 421, stay in school.

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  1. FIRST!!1!

    And he did not slide tackle Jesus's sonic boom, it was an eight year old singing a song.