Monday, May 25, 2009

Postulates for Further Posts

Igor is madly in love with a girl in his class. He pursues her with every waking moment of his life. He longs for her and dreams about her. To save her from an embarrassing situation, lets call her Emma. She also lives in a house of girls that happen to loathe him. That said, they have no problem using him and giving him false notions of friendship and companionship (in exchange for him taking the role of bitch).

Igor also has competition, a little less pathetic, but same fundamental goals in life, including Emma, lets call him David.

Igor is madly in love with technology and products that increase his socioeconomic status to others. Its also an obsession, like the pursuit of Emma (who happens to have a boyfriend).

Igor comes from an IB program in high school, and thus, thinks he is the greatest academic mind that you have ever encountered.

Igor also takes far too many extracurricular that he is absolutely mediocre at.

That's all for now. More stories to come.

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